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iWater Group Limited

International Water Solutions Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of iWater Group Ltd (IWG) who acquired the business in 2019. Although IWS was only founded in 2015, its operations within the water treatment industry dates to early 2000s.

The Company is engaged in the development and delivery of effective, environmentally-friendly disinfection/decontamination products for a diverse range of industry sectors, ranging from oil and gas, drinking water, agriculture and livestock.

Water purity, scarcity, changing demographics and operational efficiency are top issues for the global water sector, which are amplified by the unpredictable impact of climate change. Demand for water continues to rise. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), by the middle of the century water demand will increase by 55% compared with current levels. Declining global water quality has also grown to be a concern. Water pollution mostly occurs as a result of agricultural run-off, domestic sewage and industrial effluents. The long-term impact of personal care products and pharmaceutical’s, such as painkillers and antibiotics, on water cycles is a new era of concern that is rapidly gathering interest among the scientific community resulting in changes to public policy and the very reason IWG was created, to effect change to global communities.

IWG have created a methodology for making Chlorine Dioxide in water, which is not only simple, safe, stable and regulated, but also extremely powerful. This formula is completely changing the way Bacteria in water is dealt with in every usage application that requires safe clean water.