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These simple ¾” and 1″ filters save time and wear on the filter using a unique twist to clean system. As the filter becomes dirty, simply unlock the filter, twist 90° and the water flow will be diverted to clean the filter element through the drain in the base.


Specified to your water quality, these filters will remove iron and manganese from your water and self-clean to ensure free-flowing clean and clear water at all times. These will reduce wear on sprinklers, valves and improve livestock water quality.


These can be installed to any system where TSS are an issue. Working either on timed basis, or pressure differential they will self-clean automatically ensuring free- flowing water systems at all times.


For further information on Specialist Filtration requirements such as, Carbon Filters, RO (Reverse Osmosis) and other specialist water filtration types, or contact the IWS Team on 0333 0001111.